It’s Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas

Ev’rywhere you go, it’s glistening with a soft glow.  Christmas cards, cookies, townsfolk gathering for the lighting of the decorations under the winter sky. Homes open for celebration, comfort foods, then coming together to celebrate the reason for the season. It’s always the time of year we take extra time to remember those not as fortunate and those that have to work during holidays to keep us safe while we enjoy ours.

Setting the stage in preparation of the Christmas season on Thanksgiving weekend has always been my family’s tradition. We unpack the boxes of our favorite decorations, really it’s like unpacking memories of Christmas past in anticipation of making new ones. Every year that goes by, and as I grow older, the season is precious to me. It’s about family and friends. Seeing the joy in their eyes and the love in their heart.

Here are some of my favorite decorations and you will see a few items from Pen Paper and Petals Studio.


Happy decorating and joyous celebrations!

With much love,




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