It Makes Scents


There is just something about a scent so heavenly you can’t help but close your eyes and inhale a little deeper. Some scents trigger happy memories, loved ones, and even a moment when every planet seems to align. Breathing is life. So breathing in a heavenly scent just adds the extra goodness to the days that seem partly cloudy.

Online flower shops make scents. Although you can’t actually smell the flowers, your imagination can. The heavenly eye candy for the soul is so worth a visit to their page.  For a pick me up, I like to visit their .com. This is where dreams are born.

Here are a few of the items that brighten my day!

Formulary 55RosewaterGinger-Blossom-Cleaning-Concentrate-938x1024-crop_grandeAHP2471-crop_grande

This is one of my favorite stores. Their soaps are luxurious, silky, and the scent is out of this world. Every soap I have tried, I have fallen in love with. The packaging is simply delicious. Since I do not live near their store, I have to shop online and the experience has been 5 star. Well packaged. The natural cleaning concentrate and laundry soap are packaged in glass containers, they have always arrived in perfect condition. My home smells just like a ginger blossom.

Solabee Flowers & Botanicals


They use the fresh botanical gems their area has to offer in beautiful ways. Their light-filled shop also does events and weddings as well as in-house interior greening consultations. Their secret garden designs are spectacular. The shop also sells pots and wares hand-made by local artisans. This is a site I love to browse. They offer botanicals for the soul.

The Flower Appreciation Society


The Hackney-based Flower Appreciation Society enjoys an English floral bias, promoting seasonal blooms with a discernible aroma. Decorating bouquets with whimsical illustrations makes their designs unique. I visit this site often and dream about touring the corners of London collecting armloads of fresh flora. I could go on for days about the greatest florists in the U.S. and London 🙂

What are some of your favorite scents that make you happy?

Happy Creating!

With much love,



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