Ephemera Love


I LOVE ephemera! Actually any vintage graphic that I can add to or modify by sketching or correcting. Restoring anything vintage is what I love to do (as long as it is public domain).
Ephemera are items designed to be useful or important for only a short time, especially pamphlets, notices, tickets, etc. They are now widely used in art journals, printables, atc’s, cards, etc. The typography is beautiful and usually needs a little love, but it is worth the time to restore.
I have been making Christmas paper for Lismore Paper. I especially love the holidays, but have set aside some great little treasures for Valentine’s Day. It’s hard to not lose track of what holiday your supposed to be concentrating on. 🙂
To kick off the holiday season, I am posting this Christmas Paper made by Lismore Paper Co. Vintage ephemera can have a slight blur to it from the printing process back then, but it is still so beautiful and when you add countless layers of  paper with it, the image blooms into something new.
Vintage Girl with Berries for Christmas 8 x 10 JPEG
With much love,

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