Magical Time of the Year


Lights are twinkling, snow is falling, blanketing the ground in glittery white, at least where I live. The hustle and bustle will soon be calmed by everyone coming together in their own traditions. Each is unique and special, reminding us it’s the time of year for reflecting and setting goals. It’s also the perfect opportunity to make changes around the home, maybe even personal and professional ones.

I love the family time between Christmas and New Year, it’s like hitting the reset button. It’s also the time I take to reflect on the improvements I need to make. I have always feared judgment, it’s often hard for me to not be guarded. This is an improvement I need to make in 2018. My creativity suffers because of this and I plan on changing this. Perhaps creative therapy 🌞

I have been so inspired by many of you. You know who you are, I read and comment on your blogs daily. Thank you for making this community so much fun. You put magic into everyday life with your stories and projects. Inspiration is key to a peaceful soul. All of you have been a blessing beyond words and the talent out there is spectacular.

I wish all of you the most glorious holiday season and many blessings πŸŽ„πŸŽ‰





28 thoughts on “Magical Time of the Year

  1. Lisa, you have been a lovely and encouraging friend to me this year as well as being an awesome artist and generally terrific person. I am so thankful for meeting great new friends like you this year and want to say that I wish you a lovely Christmas and that all your dreams come true in 2018. Dx

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  2. Merry Christmas, Lisa. It’s very difficult for me to type your name. My daughter spells hers Lise. At least, it sounds the same. We are between church services at the moment, and I’m madly catching up on all the wonderful blogs I wanted to read. I’ve really enjoyed yours this year. Looking forward to many more fabulous posts from you!

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