Garden Layout Plot Paper

Garden Layout Plot JPEG

What is to love about the cold and gray sky or a sun that is in endless hibernation. The trees moan as the wind envelopes their trunks depositing snow into all the nooks and crannies of their protective bark. The skeletons in the garden sway back and forth as a reminder of the lush color it once held.

These are the days where the story begins and the magic blooms. It is necessary, the winter rest. We are afforded the time to ease into our comfy place, snuggle under a soft blanket, and plan for spring. The landscape gets to live again in our imagination. We sow the garden with new seeds and flowers that magically raise from the once frozen soil, awakened by the sun.

Embrace this time to plot. Soon spring will be here and the work begins. I am planning a healing garden (a first aid garden). There are so many wild and garden herbs that are ideal to infuse into a beeswax salve, transform into a tea, or oil. There is nothing like local thyme infused honey. They can also star as a line drawing in your favorite sketch book.

I will share more on my plans for the first aid garden. There is so much to explore and learn, art and medicine πŸ™‚ Click on the link below to get started on plotting your own garden. Imagine big!

Garden Layout Plot

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13 thoughts on “Garden Layout Plot Paper

  1. I love this time of year to plot my vegetable garden. I will be waiting to see your layout for your medicine garden. I tend to gather my stinging nettle wherever it grows on our farm. Also plantain that grows wild around here.

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  2. Such a good idea… though I fear I’d need a first aid garden for my first aid garden… I’ve killed cactus before… that’s when I knew that gardening wasn’t for me… respect the art so much though… I can’t wait to see your plans… Will you be posting pictures of the garden as it grows?… : )

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  3. Now you have me curious Lisa. What would be included in a first aide garden??? I’m imaging healing herbs. Do you plant a garden every year?? It’s amazing to me that a yard covered with snow can fill with veggies and blooms by summer. it seems like a minor miracle. Waiting to see what you come up with… hugs from here!

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  4. We do plant gardens each year, mostly flowers and tomatoes. It is amazing how the soil can transform itself in such a short time. When it finally thaws it is a miracle πŸ™‚ I plan on working in yarrow, calendula, comfrey, calendula, mints, and nettle. I am excited to see how it turns out. Do you plant a garden? 😁


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