Black Iris Printable

Black Iris and Mourning Cloak Butterfly On Invoice

I’m so happy to share this! This is one of my favorites. This image is layered with eight pieces of ephemera: invoice, script, architectural pieces, mourning cloak butterfly, worn and floral scrap paper, and the black iris. This can be used for art and crafting. Its especially nice decoupaged on furniture or wood.

Right click on the image to save to your library.

Happy crafting!!



29 thoughts on “Black Iris Printable

  1. I love everything about this piece! I so hope the Spring frosts are kind, so our irises can bloom this year! I have a large, bearded black iris called β€œbefore the storm”. It has beautifully ruffed falls…she makes such a loud statement in the cottage garden!

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    1. Thank you, Roda! I hope Spring comes in and doesn’t look back. I hope “before the storm” blooms brilliantly this year and you can capture some pictures of that beauty! All this snow…I have to live vicariously through Darren. πŸ™‚

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  2. Really lovely Lisa!! Where do you find the background printed page?? And I’ve never seen a black iris in person– but this one lays beautifully on the page. You are so generous to share your work! What else have you been up to–when you’re not designing your beautiful work??? Is it still snowy there?? xox

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    1. Hi Rhonda! I am on the look out for ephemera non stop. I put the ephemera and the patterns I create together and make a new piece. Then layer it with botanicals or birds. Most of the pieces I create have someone in mind, many are in my home, and my mom has many, too πŸ™‚ I am planning my spring gardens currently, so much fun! We still have quite a bit of snow and very chilly temps. It was 2 when I left the house yesterday. What have you been up to? I have been enjoying all of your recipes. All of you should check out Rhonda’s blog, it’s fantastic!!


      1. No!! 2 degrees?! I think I need some cold weather tips from you Lisa. We’re off to see our daughter in Wisconsin in a couple weeks and I’ve been seeing all the snow pics from there!! And so beautiful that you have the gift of creating unique and pretty things for people. Hope you post about your garden Lisa! xox

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  3. Beautiful work Lisa. Very elegant. I really like the aesthetic of your artwork and the Iris Nigricans is so lovely. Funny coincidence, Darren spoke to me very recently about this beautiful plant. It is how I knew the name BTW.

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