Winter’s Artful Eye

February 11 2018 Snowy Trees

The snow fell quick and steady throughout the morning covering everything in a thick blanket of white. The usual little critter tracks were non existent, nothing dared come out of its warm home. There was a level of silence as I stepped outside, it was unusual. The crisp, pure air hit my lungs, a calmness set in.

The crunch under my feet echoed throughout the woodland floor. The individual snowflakes danced down from the sky, piling inside the boot prints I left behind, erasing it’s knowledge of my existence.

I miss the lush green that spring and summer provide, but somehow there was a new appreciation today. The beauty in the lines, the contrast of light and dark, the different textures jumped from the forest. It was like mother nature had used a white pencil on all of the trees while they slept. It was inspiring to look at the surroundings with an artful eye.

February 11 2018 Snowy Treesacross lake

26 thoughts on “Winter’s Artful Eye

  1. Your landscape is so beautiful. Yours words compliment the images perfectly. We have just had snow in Great Britain, many areas have been cut off from their surroundings but people gelled together to help those stranded. My area only had 2″ nothing compared to wales etc who had 2 feet or more.

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    1. Thank you! I have been watching the snowfall there. It is a crazy experience when you get so much at one time. I’m so happy you only received a few inches. It’s quite a scary experience when you are stranded, thank goodness people banned together. Hopefully it will melt soon!


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