Medicinal Plant Botanical Art

Red Leave Botanical Print

Calodracon nobilis, also known as the Cabbage Palm, Good Luck, Palm Lily.

This plant makes for remarkable botanical art, but I was pleasantly surprised by this plants medicinal properties. The root placed in vinegar is used for preparation against bleeding. The leaf, in form of infusion oil, is used to treat wounds. Infusion of three crushed leaves of the purple cultivar is used for a hypotensive drink. Proximal (lower) portion of leaf is macerated in olive oil for a cataplasm (spread over skin) for wounds. The chemical compound contains steroidal saponins.

This would look wonderful decoupaged onto wood since it has rich color. It also looks fantastic in a frame, I just printed this out for my home.

Right click or highlight to save paper to your drive. For personal use only. I have sized it to print as 8.5 x 11 or A2. For more like this, please visit

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28 thoughts on “Medicinal Plant Botanical Art

  1. It is so generous to share this image! How refreshing in a world of marketing and ads and pop-ups! Love the rich colours too. Am really enjoying your posts from across the globe.

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  2. Back when being an illustrator was a noble and important job. Scientific illustration was even more nuanced: You had to give the viewer a real idea of what something looked like and yet still capture the artist’s emotion in studying it…

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  3. You’re right Lisa– the colors are so deep and rich. Just beautiful! Where are you going to put it in your house?? And– are you warming up there?? spring creeping in? hugs hugs!


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