When Fashion and Nature Collide – March 2018

Check out this post from 3C Style! Dominique has put together outfits based on nature and I promise you will be captivated! She has inspired me to stay strong, stay stylish and I am seriously crushing on this fabulous fashion!

People are naturally drawn to the bright colors and organic look of flowers. And the view of animals often brings an Awww feeling as well. Personally, my fashion aesthetic is rooted in part in my love for nature and art. The colors and patterns of flowers and critters always inspire me new outfit ideas! When I pointed that out to Roda, from Growing Self, in a comment on her blog she replied So cool! Let’s do this. And that’s how the idea of this special project started. I was already planning to style some outfits based on Darren’s flower pictures so naturally we asked The Arty Plantsman to team with us. Another friend of ours soon joined us: Lisa, from Lismore Paper. We are the Fabulous Four.
The third wednesday of each month you will see outfits styled by me, and art from Lisa, that were inspired by Roda’s critter…

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