Line Drawing Inspiration

Line Drawing

Line drawing is near and dear to my heart. The above picture is just a few of my drawings. It’s my favorite form of expression, I am a doodler. When I am on the phone, I tend to make a page full of botanicals and dogs. Not sure why, but I do it mindlessly.

This is a sample of the commissioned pieces I did based on a photo seen at a shop in Texas. I recreated a similar drawing for the customer since they no longer offered it in the store. I enjoyed working on it so much. Thank you Alissa!

This time of year, I love to capture the skeletons in the garden. Once the plants have wintered over, they are exposed, in a skeletal state. You can visualize what makes them beautiful. I go back to these pictures to sketch a leaf or a petal on a flower to be sure I have drawn it correctly. Here is a sample of what I captured outside in my yard today.

Lismore CottageLawrence LakeLawrence Lake March 18PineConesYellow ButtonScotch PinePine ConeMushroonPineLiatris SkeletonHydrangea SkeletonsGround IvyPine StumpPine MarchBirch Peel

Have a happy Sunday!

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56 thoughts on “Line Drawing Inspiration

  1. I love your line art! Most recently, I’ve started painting on rocks and I find it soothing and meditative…I would imagine this art is similar in that when you are engaged with the art, you lose yourself and are flowing….beautiful work !!!

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      1. Thank you so much! Maybe I’ll post some of my designs one day soon. I also want to try my hand at zentangle and wood and nail art…so many neat ideas out there….-Wilde

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