The Beauty of Spring and a free Spring Print

DSC_0001 (2)

With the air crisp and cold it almost convinced me it was a January morning. Even though it is April, this was the view on Saturday. The trees frosted with a thin layer of snow, a fresh blanket of white on the ground and the spring birds singing. Usually, the lake is frozen and offers no reflection of the landscape on the water when the snow falls. The previous day was a balmy thirty eight degrees and just enough to melt the lake. This is the beauty of spring. The little surprises when you open the curtain in the morning. We have no green signs of life at the moment, the poor little dears are buried beneath the snow, but with the sun it still evokes magic. Nature, no matter what the season, still provides a serene stillness you can enjoy if dressed properly.

This morning, the view and temps were slightly different. It had dropped into the low teens over night. I don’t think the geese appreciated this fact as they were standing on the ice. Today, I could not get close. They flapped their wings in anger. I really could not blame them, they were freezing their tail feathers off. If you look close you can see their outline.

DSC_0005 (2)

Since there are no signs of green and certainly no flowers, I thought a spring print would brighten the day. Click on image below to save to your device. This is for personal use only. This is a 4 x 6 print.

4 x 6 Watercolor Rabbit Post with pink hydrangea

I hope wherever you are the sun is shining!

Much love,



47 thoughts on “The Beauty of Spring and a free Spring Print

  1. Ok, so I have just cleared up a little confusion in my mind. I was thinking that you lived in Lismore, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia!! These snowy pictures really confused me! MICHIGAN. Ok. That makes more sense!

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  2. You’re right, nature is always beautiful no matter what the season. Still, I enjoyed your little rabbit among the flowers! It brings a touch of spring and warmth to cold days as we wait for Spring!

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  3. what a beautiful picture of your landscape, just gorgeous even though we all want it to warm up soon! I love the bunny as well, I’m a definite fan of rabbits!! Don’t worry, I’m sure spring will be here by July, here’s hoping anyhow!

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  4. What a spectacular view and fabulous photo! The bunny is lovely too. I agree with you Lisa. We need to dress properly in order to enjoy every season Nature provides us. But the cold and snow can stop anytime now. I would gladly appreciate. xoxo

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      1. You had such a strong storm… I was thinking of you and Roda a lot this weekend. We usually get one big storm in April as well, but this time we got lucky I guess as it miss us. Hope you will get lots of sunshine this week Sis.πŸ’žπŸ’žxoxo

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      1. Looks like it but it is raining now and we have strong winds. Hope it will be over by tomorrow. Is there any damage over at your place? Hope not. Much love to you too. xoxo

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  5. The sweetest rabbit print Lisa! And that photo with the reflection on the lake is exquisite!! All the whits and lavender shadows. And the frosting on the trees. It really is uniquely beautiful! Thanks for sending it out to us! hugs!

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