Free Botanical Print

Kalmia latifolia 8 x 10 teaThere is nothing like an aged botanical print. It can add so much to a craft project or art for your home. I have even made small note cards and envelopes as a thank you from this particular print.

I have attached a Kalmia – I love the color of this print and the tea stained background. This was a salvage print that has been restored, but still has a nice amount of patina. Great for a vintage look.

Kalmia (Mountain Laurel, Calico Bush) is ideal as a landscape accent, informal border or hedge, or anywhere its star-like, deep pink, flowers can be appreciated. Leathery, evergreen leaves adorn the reddish-brown, scaly bark, and the blooms attract even more beauty to the garden in the form of birds and butterflies! Kalmia is a low-maintenance, evergreen shrub that’s great for naturalizing, works well with other evergreens, and is an excellent choice for partially shaded sites.

Happy Sunday!
Much love,

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