Lilac Botanical Print


For a few glorious weeks the lilacs bloom. The fragrance fills the air with that old fashioned scent that can transport you to another time. There are different lilacs that offer blooms in the summer and fall, but I truly love the early bloomers. They seem to set off spring on the right foot.

Cathi from Over The Hill On The Yellow Brick Road mentioned lilacs were her favorite last week. I love to offer botanicals that are near and dear. I hope you like this simple, but charming botanical print. Its set as an 8 x 10 on the PDF but it can be resized. Click on the Lilac link to save to your device.


I have five lilacs on my property that have just begun to leaf. They are a bit behind this year.

Lilac Bush 5.5.18

I also spotted these visitors…

Wood pecker 2 April 29.18Hawk 2 5.5.18Hawk 4 5.5.18

Have a beautiful Sunday. If you have any botanicals that you would like to see please let me know.

Much love,



40 thoughts on “Lilac Botanical Print

  1. Ah, the smell of late spring. It looks like ours are at about the same stage yours are. Soon they will bloom! Your print is just wonderful. I am so jealous that you saw a Piliated Woodpecker. I have yet to see one and it’s right at the top of my list for hopeful bird sightings.

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    1. I cannot wait for them to bloom! Thank you, Linda! I’m happy you liked the print. Our Piliated Woodpeckers are little rascals. They squawk at us when they are hungry. We go light on the food because of the bear in the spring. Usually they get their way though. They are beautiful creatures. πŸ’ž

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  2. Love the lilac print Lisa!! My in-laws have a lilac over their back patio cover and it blooms about Fathers Day every year– so beautiful! We are finally home from traveling and it’s been so fun to catch up with all your pretty posts this afternoon– so fun to see spring arrive!! Love your blog… xox

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