French Botanical Paper Gotu-Kola

I am so deeply touched by for sharing my paper on her blog. I have learned so much from her. One of my favorites on WP. Go check out her Green Plants Based Living and Gardening, you will be so happy you did. Much love, Lisa

Plants and Beyond

I feel so very humbled and honored to make a tiny difference in someone’s life and to be mentioned in another blog. This is so exciting and makes me want to go on, do imaginary kart wheels from all the joy, share and connect with the world. Thank you, dearest, Lisa for enriching my life and making me feel so special. What a talented artist you are, have no idea how you put these classy plant images together on paper and I am so impressed, simply beautiful!!!!

Here is Lisa’s original post that made me stop in my tracks during the family trip and count the blessings in my life. Check out this talented, kind and beautiful soul lady at

One more thing. It’s a new moon phase where new beginnings take place. I thought of replacing my old website wallpaper with this exact refreshing image this week.


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