Product Review: Faber-Castell Artist Pens

Faber Castell PITT Artist Pens Pack

I have been asked what medium is my favorite. This is something I cannot answer with a simple reply. I do have one constant that I always go to, and that is my PITT Artist Pens made by Faber-Castell.Β  Photos of pens is credited to the Faber-Castell site.

PITT means Pigmented India Ink. These pens are offered in multiple nib sizes and in an array of colors that brings great versatility to pen-and-ink drawings without the mess. Pitt Artist Pens are great for sketching, journaling, cartooning, and drawing. They also stand up when using with other mediums, even watercolor. All of these pens are waterproof when dry, odorless, acid-free, and won’t bleed through paper. My favorite, these pens do not bleed and smudge, I have tried. Once it is dry, and it dries quick, it is there to stay. That fact sold me. There is nothing worse than destroying a piece by a bleeder. Your artwork or journaling will hold up throughout the years.

The Superfine, Fine, Medium, Bullet and Brush nibs hold up, I have not had one bend or break, mindful of acceptable pressure. I have to admit, I can be a bit hard on my pens at times. They also travel with me in my purse with my itsy art journal, so this says a lot about their durability. Another great thing to mention, the cap is made to prevent dry out, they will work like new until the ink is gone.

When I doodle, I do not sketch first. I just grab an ATC (Artist Trading Card) and use a PITT Artist Pen. These doodles are as they are, mistakes and all. Here are a few of my doodles using the XS, S, M, and B PITT Artist Pens…

Doodles 1

Line Drawing
Doodles 2

Here is a restored piece using the M pen. This is a vintage piece that had heavy damage which was not corrected with software.

Kalmia latifolia 8 x 10 tea

Here is an original piece using the B pen, it works like a brush. I must admit you will work a bit slower with these type of pens. This piece I did for the collaboration, When Fashion and Nature Collide.

Fashion Illustration Leopard Fray 5 x 7

Another thing I love about this five-star product is Faber-Castell has a positive carbon footprint and cares about the environment. Read more about that here. I am also looking forward to reviewing the Big Brush pens with nibs you can switch out with wear. How fantastic is that!

These will be my next purchase and I will be sure to review these.


Do you have a favorite brand?


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39 thoughts on “Product Review: Faber-Castell Artist Pens

  1. Thanks for this – I’m always on the lookout for good waterproof ink in fibre-tip pens. (I do more art than just colour photo.) My two faves are Stabilo 68 fibre-tip pens, I just adore the colour range and the feel of the nibs, and a recent(ish) discovery, though I gather they’ve been around for years, Inktense pencils. Wonderful. If you haven’t already, do try them: they work like watercolour pencils but dry quickly and are waterproof, and have great staining power, so they can be used on fabrics and not need heat setting. πŸ™‚

    I like your doodles… πŸ™‚

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  2. Fantastic post and doodles Lisa!

    You are so brave. I would never commit to ink until I’d made an outline in pencil first!

    As you know, I use F-C coloured pencils by default as they seem to have the best balance of characteristics. Nice to know about their carbon footprint and that their other products are of good quality too,

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    1. Thank you, Darren! It is the only time I throw caution to the wind 😊 The F-C colored pencils really are the best I have tried. Your work is gorgeous, the colors really are spot on. They are quite a conscious company with a great product. Much love and hugs! πŸ’—πŸ˜Š

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  3. Great post, Lisa! Faber-Castell is also one of my favourite brands, even when I was a kid my mum bought me the pencils and other supplies as she knows that quality makes all the difference. Currently using the pigmented ink liners from Staedtler though as they have been on sale and they also work great. πŸ˜„πŸ’—

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      1. I’m tracking them down Lisa– thanks!! I like to do little drawings (birthday cards etc.) nothing complicated, but these sound like a big improvement on my Sharpie selection!! Glad to have you expertise! thanks for sharing it Lisa! xox

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