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Nerium Oleander JPEG

This Nerium Oleander is a shrub or small tree in the dogbane family. It is most commonly known as nerium or oleander, from its superficial resemblance to the unrelated olive Olea. This image was extracted from a vintage garden magazine. The image has been recolored and repaired. There is a few spots that I could not get quite right because of damage but love the vintage look. Click on the image to save to your device. I really like these graphics printed on old or tea stained paper. They look nice framed, decoupaged, or for cardmaking.

Finding vintage treasures is on the top of my list of fun things to do. I had quite a fun birthday and holiday weekend with my family while shopping for treasures. Here are a few items that I picked up while on the hunt.



This tin piece and the sign in the pictures above came from Peacock Park. They have many vintage and vintage like pieces.


While going to lunch, we stumbled upon a sale of antiques. The couple are antique dealers in a nearby town. I believe they were trying to free up some space. I was really hoping to find some antique paper, but unfortunately on this trip, I didn’t see any. I enjoy decorating with these pieces. I also purchased an antique trunk from the early 1900’s that I fell in love with. It needs some work, it’s awaiting some TLC in the barn right now. I will share the restoration in another post.

It’s always fun to do some vintage living. Unfortunately, we don’t have the opportunity to do this often, but it made my birthday weekend special.

For more vintage fun, visit my Pinterest account by clicking on the icon, Lismore Paper.

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I hope everyone who celebrates had a wonderful Labor Day holiday!

Much love,


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45 thoughts on “Vintage Living

      1. All I have to do is picture Susan waiting for me when I get back from the shops, arms folded, demanding to know ‘ WHERE are you going to put that??’ and it cures my urge to spend πŸ˜‰

        Love and hugs to you too Lisa! x

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      1. You are going to love this. Susan went into an antique shop yesterday and bought an antique hand bell as she loved the sound when teachers used them to call kids into school when she was little. Guess how she is going to summon me from the greenhouse in future…..

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  1. First–Happy Birthday Lisa!! What a fun way to celebrate–my sis and I love poking around Antique and second had shops too. You found so many beautiful things– would love to see what you do with the old trunk! Your oleanders are beautiful– we have them growing all over here in public spaces– I think they like the warm climate. Fun post!! xox

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