The Power of Mother Nature

Birch Fall 2018

We all aspire to have a better life. Live with little stress and enjoy the efforts of our hard work. We need to look after ourselves, make sure we take care of our body and that includes our mind. We need to be in our right element to root properly, take shape, and prune away when needed. Life tends to get in the way sometimes with work, households, and family members who are sick and/or aging. I am learning this first hand.

Even though we learn while taking care of loved ones how patience and compassion helps in the caregiving/healing process. We need to extend this to ourselves. When we don’t, it stifles our minds and ceases the creative process.

This has hit home with me. I needed a refresher, a break from the fishbowl and the noise. Feeling overwhelmed with simple tasks, I needed a reset. Realizing this, I decided a visit with Mother Nature was needed.

Woods Fall 2018

Even though it has been raining here for days and days, I grabbed my camera, rubber boots, and began exploring by myself. I needed to feel the mist on my face, hear the graceful sounds of the forest floor, and breathe in the crisp air of Autumn. The colors are just beginning their show and I am anxious to repeat my hike within the next week to capture more of the crimson and golds.

With each step I took, the baggage of life began to drop. The virtual weight of boulders fell to the ground. All of my senses began firing again. Mother Nature has a way of nurturing the soul naturally. The stress build-up washed away with the rain. I felt refreshed again and able to create. I hunted for solace and peace, finding it just a few steps away. It soothed my restless soul. The Midnight Hunt was a product of letting go.

Midnight Hunt by Lisa@LismorePaperΒ Midnight Hunt watermark

A look at a few steps along the way…

Remember to take care of yourself on this Autumn Day! What is your favorite thing to do to reset yourself?

Much love,


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59 thoughts on “The Power of Mother Nature

  1. As you know, I walk down into the woods and beyond to the river to seek that healing touch of Nature. It really does recharge the inner spirit. I do not have one thought as I walk along with my camera. I only see how fortunate I am that day to be able to find the gifts nature has to offer me. This “Midnight Hunt” is me. Your art is simply stunning. Thank you for touching my true inner spirit.

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  2. This is such a beautiful post, in its words as well as its images. I love the sentences ‘With each step I took, the baggage of life began to drop’ and ‘All of my senses began firing again.’ This is exactly the feeling I get from spending time outdoors. The repetitive pounding of feet on earth, or digging, or pushing a wheelbarrow has this effect on me. (I have scheduled a couple of posts on sensory integration which are about this). I planted bulbs yesterday, and the repeated action of slicing my spade into the earth and turning it over was incredibly calming and therapeutic.

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    1. Thank you, Ali! I cannot wait to read your posts. Spending time outdoors is so calming and therapeutic. Planting bulbs is a promise of a beautiful future. I love your words, slicing my spade into the earth, I even enjoy the noise it makes. Such a wonderful way to spend the day. Happy gardening! πŸπŸ’Ÿ


  3. I couldn’t have said it better. Beautiful post Lisa. Stunning artwork. I told you on IG but will say it again. This drawing would be great on a wall of course, but I also see it as a book cover. And as a disguise as well.

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  4. Thank you so much, Do! πŸ’Ÿ I just love these headdress pieces and the nature theme is wonderful. It made me think about the fox idea. Having it on a cover would be incredible. Much love and hugs my friend!! πŸŽƒπŸπŸ’ŸπŸ˜˜

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  5. Beautiful photos! My favorite thing…..standing outside either early morning or evening at dusk when the world has slowed down and has become quiet. I love to stand and listen to the wind in the trees, the birds settling in for the night and the whisper that is those quiet times.

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  6. Beautifully said Lisa and stunning photos of nature!! I also love getting out in nature to rejuvenate the soul, anything will do, a walk in the woods or working in my gardens, even just sitting on my porch to be close to nature. I have needed it lately, after caring for my parents for 10 years, my mom just moved into assisted living with memory care, she doesn’t know where she is or who these people are who are taking care of her. Even though it is somewhat of a relief, I’m having trouble sleeping at night because I’m worried so much about her!! So thank you for addressing this caretaking issue and a calming way to deal with the stress❀️

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    1. Thank you! It’s so nice to be able to slow down and enjoy little moments like that. I completely understand the feeling of relief then just behind it the feeling of restlessness because of the situation. The worry is definitely endless. Assisted living is a wonderful option, it takes a village. We are moving in the same direction. I wish you peaceful times. Hugs!

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  7. Good for you for recognizing that you need to recharge and for doing it! Being a caregiver is exhausting, emotionally and physically, and it is so hard to remember to take care of ourselves at the same time. I also like to recharge by visiting nature, but when that isn’t possible (I live in a fairly populated area), even spending a few hours by myself, reading a good book, can work wonders.

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  8. I can so relate, Lisa. And I’m glad that Mother Nature was there to help you. 😊 I also seek refuge in nature when needing a reset or just a break. It has a soothing and also energizing effect at the same time, don’t you think? And it works every time. πŸ˜„πŸ’•

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  9. Lisa– this is so beautifully written! Do you have older parents you care for?? My mom’s 87 and my in-laws 88 and 91. so we spend a lot of time with them– and are thankful to have them close. it’s the season where they really need us. And– your photos are stunning! Do you live close enough to walk through all this? Such a sanctuary. Love this post. thanks. xox

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    1. Thank you! My in laws are older in their late 80’s. They do need us. Its so nice your mom and inlaws are close. The pictures were taken on our property. We have lots of area to roam, its quite peaceful. Nice to go outside to soak it in. Hugs xoxo


  10. Oh, dearest Lisa. You described the nature’s soothing effects so eloquently. I loved reading this peace and it resonates with me more than ever. Moreover, it’s wonderful to see the change of season through your eyes. Don’t get this here in FL. Love and hugs to you, my friend.

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    1. Luda, your comment filled my heart with such joy. I do love the change of season we get here in Michigan. I would equally love a beautiful winter that you get in Florida, I get to enjoy warmer weather through you. Such a priceless gift my friend. Love and hugs to you.

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