Halloween Art – Die Willy 1836

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Quite a title, “Die Willy” is a piece from 1836. I really love so many things about this. The back ground characters are my favorite. Vintage Halloween art is fun.

In a scene worthy of modern-day Halloween, a young woman with long hair, wearing a knee-length dress strains to hear a sound or voice. In her right hand is a tambourine. She is surrounded by all manner of eerie and mysterious folk: a bat-like figure playing a violin; a dour female drummer; a black cat; the ghostly head of a bearded man rising from the earth. In the background, a chorus line of skeletons and spectral figures; a full moon illuminates all.

On Wednesday, October 17th, is the next edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. We are having a Halloween of a good time! Click here to see a past edition.Β 

Hope your Sunday was spectacular!

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16 thoughts on “Halloween Art – Die Willy 1836

  1. What a great piece. You know I love the dog with the glasses, right? I think the glasses are made of shiny metal, probably gold. The design is in line for that time, too. It just seems so weird because they look white! All of that is certainly a minute part of such a feast for the eyes. The fellow holding the sword in one hand and the tricorne in another…very 1700’s. I’d bet this is an etching of a scene from an opera or something like that. It looks like the letting is in Greek so no clues there…at least for me. I love a good art mystery. Do you know any more about it?

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  2. The dog with the glasses is fantastic! Wouldn’t Walter look dashing with a pair. I think it is an etching of an opera or play. The dress on the lady looks theatrical. I believe it might be a french artist. I love good art mysteries, too. Its interesting the different objects that draws us to the piece.

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