Seasonal Foliage Graphics

Mistletoe & Red Berry Sprig

Winter decorating this time of year is all about comfort and cozy. For me, the holidays bring joy. The soft lighting, the dark green and cranberry colors that adorn wreaths, trees, and dΓ©cor. Decorating your home with the comforts of seasonal foliage allows us to bring the outside in. Botanicals used as backdrops or hanging on a wall is an easy and inexpensive way to layer a seasonal look. 

I love the romance and magic that surrounds the Mistletoe. It is associated with Christmas as a decoration, under which lovers are expected to kiss. I have a sprig of it hanging in my home every Christmas, who doesn’t love extra kisses. Feel free to click on the Mistletoe 8 x 10 below and save to your device.

This image of the Red Berry Sprig sings winter to me. It is simple, but pleasing to the eye. It feeds our winter birds as the cold weather grabs hold. It also reminds me of the rich jewel tones of the season. Feel free to click on the Red Berry Sprig 8 x 10 below and save to your device.

I hope you enjoy these seasonal graphics and they add a bit of seasonal joy to your home or craft projects. 

Much love,


42 thoughts on “Seasonal Foliage Graphics

  1. Love these Lisa– so simple and structural– really pretty. I have holly that looks like yours growing in my yard– planted it a few years back to have holly at Christmas and now it’s about 10 feet tall! Hope you are having fun getting ready for Christmas! How is it all going??… xox

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    1. How wonderful you have one growing in your yard, I bet it is beautiful! Having fun getting ready for Christmas. I hope you are as well. Anticipation for the big days are one of the best parts. xoxox


      1. Hi Lisa– I’m an anticipator as well! So fun to get the house all ready, bake and think about the family coming in the door for Christmas! Today we’re having all the neighbors (lots of kids!) in for Christmas cookies. Should be lots of noisy fun. Hope you are gladly putting your Christmas together there. Blessings, xo

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