When Fashion & Nature Collide – Holiday Edition

Hugs, Comfort & Joy

Hugs equal love and also give us strength. They heal us, relieve loneliness, depression, anxiety and stress. Most important, hugs create comfort and joy. It’s wonderful to get a hug from your favorite person. What else is wonderful…the hug of a soft blanket, or scarves and gloves that keep us toasty warm. A nice cable knit sweater, warm socks, and a fuzzy hat that snuggle up just like a hug.

Welcome to our December and holiday edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide, Hugs, Comfort & Joy. On the third Wednesday of each month, we will post a new collaborative edition. You will see art, beautiful fashion and accessories styled by Dominique from 3C Style, flowers and beautiful art by Darren from the Arty Plantsman, and original art from me Lisa@Lismore Paper. Be sure to check out each blog for the full edition.

Hugs-What we love

The Polar Bear

Dominique via Darren found these great wildlife photos with this polar bear. The wildlife brings great happiness to our hearts. The polar bear is a hypercarnivorous bear whose native range lies largely within the Arctic Circle, encompassing the Arctic Ocean, its surrounding seas and surrounding land masses. Lets not forget about Canada. It is home to approximately 16,000 of the estimated 20,000 polar bears in the global polar regions. Look at Domenic, she and the polar bear are enjoying their environment. I was inspired by the footprint of this enormous bear and Christmas. Darren’s flower, Hepatica Japonica, inspired the purple recolor of the hat, scarf, and gloves.

Styled by Dominique from 3CStyle. Photography by Mr. 3CStyle and Darren from ArtyPlantsman. Paw Art and Recolor by Lisa@LismorePaper. Copyright 3CStyle, ArtyPlantsman and LismorePaper.

The Snow Owl

Such a beauty. To see a snow owl in the wild takes your breath away.
The snow owl is a large, white owl of the typical owl family. Snow owls are native to cold regions in North America. Males are almost all white, while females have more flecks of black plumage. Juvenile snow owls have black feathers until they turn white. Such beautiful feather patterns that inspire artists, pattern makers, and designers around the world.

Styled by Dominique from 3CStyle. Photography by Marie-Claude. Snow Owl-Pexel and Owl ephemera/foliage art restoration and post card collage by Lisa@LismorePaper, Copyright by 3C Style and Lismore Paper. Snow Owl postcard for personal use.

Snow Owl Postcard

The White Moth

White as Winter. The purity of the white moth never escapes me. I love the myth, this is why I was so moved to assist in the making of the first photo below. Because of different beliefs surrounding this, I only want to suggest you look up the myths if interested. Moths are similar creatures and their differences abound but all of these insects fall under the encompassing order name of Lepidoptera. Similarities between Butterflies an Moths include their scale-like hairs that cover their respective bodies and deliver their various recognizable patterns and colors along the wings that we see. (internet).

Styled by Dominique from 3CStyle. Photography of Dominique by Marie-Claude. Photography of Moth by Darren from ArtyPlantsman. Moth art by Lisa@LismorePaper. Copyright 3CStyle, ArtyPlantsman and LismorePaper.

Comfort & Joy – Tags, Gifts, and Style

Pretty packages to our family and friends brings us joy. Cable knits and warmth bring us comfort. With the holidays upon us, we take care in decorating our homes with special trinkets that hold holiday past, present, and future. Just like my favorite holiday story by Charles Dickens, The Christmas Carol. Paper goods and soft lighting are some of my favorite things. I also love homemade paper tags.

Styled by Dominique from 3CStyle. Photography by Marie-Claude. Tag art by Lisa@LismorePaper, Copyright by 3C Style and Lismore Paper. Tags may be used for personal use.

Make your tags with curling ribbon and these tag printables.

Gift Tags PDF

Joy Tags

Joy Tags 2

Here are a few more of my favorite things…made of paper of course πŸ™‚

I wish you and your family the warmest and happiest holiday season. Many hugs, comfort & joy.

Our next edition When Fashion and Nature Collides will be on January 16th! Happy New Year!!

Much love,




57 thoughts on “When Fashion & Nature Collide – Holiday Edition

  1. I am so happy to see how beautifully this segment and collaboration has developed. It was special from the beginning but has grown even more with every issue. This is wonderful and delightful. Happy holidays Lisa, friends and family.

    Liked by 5 people

    1. Thank you so much! I am so happy that you enjoy it. I feel so incredibly blessed to be a part of this talented WP family. Happy Holidays to you, too! I enjoy following your journey and I have learned so much from you. Many blessings to you and yours. Love and big hugs to you my friend.


  2. I love your post Lisa. I had seen the pictures of course but the context gives them extra meaning. The mirror-image poses of Dominique and the bear made me smile. You have put so much work into this and your own art and images are so special and give the whole thing a lovely Christmas vibe. Wonderful! Love and hugs from over the pond! x

    Liked by 4 people

    1. Thank you so much Darren! It’s amazing how everything looks when all put together. Your post is stunning my friend. You are such a talent and inspiration. You and Do mean the world to me. Hugs and love back across the pond!


  3. I remain a big fan of your gift tags. So unique. And Dominique in the splash of purple, surrounded by all that white! Just beautiful. The design of the gloves themselves is outrageously creative. Hugs to you & Merry Christmas to all. -Alan

    Liked by 4 people

  4. Such an interesting and beautiful post! Your designs are gorgeous, Lisa. You already know it but I’ll say it again: I love your bear paw art, owl post card and tags. You are such an inspiration! Much love and hugs dear friend. By the way: It is Darren who sent us the link of the Comedy wildlife photo. When I saw the bear, I knew i wanted to do something with the pic.

    Liked by 3 people

      1. I was actually surprise by the bear photo since this pic was taken by my hubby with the iphone. It is great pleasure to work with you both. Can I really call this work since I’m having so much fun?

        Liked by 4 people

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