Hummingbird Graphic

Today I was trying to decide what type of plants I’d like for one of my front gardens. I absolutely love a garden habitat for hummingbirds and butterflies. Watching these beautiful creatures during the summer months always seem to ease the soul. Hearing their wings and watching them play in the water puts a smile on my face.

Hummingbirds are attracted to nectar and flower colors like red, yellow, orange, pink, and purple. Many plants have been established in my garden like Bee Balm, Iris, Asters, and Foxglove. This spring I will add a Cigar Plant, Primrose, and a Trumpet Honeysuckle. I will also include a birdbath and small hummingbird swing. I received a glass hummingbird feeder for Christmas which I will fill with a sugar-water mix of 1 part sugar to 4 parts water. Just a tip: Never use food coloring or honey. Honey can develop a fungus which can be fatal to hummingbirds.

Like many of you, I am looking forward to spring. Until then, I have attached a pdf of this beautiful hummingbird that I have digitally enhanced and cleaned up. It’s great for cards, decoupage, and paper crafts.

Have a beautiful week and for those getting the sub-zero temps and snowstorm, stay warm and be safe!

Much love,



70 thoughts on “Hummingbird Graphic

  1. I’m hoping you can post a pic when one visits your new feeder. I saw one hovering at a hanging feeder a couple of year ago. An aunt of mine has it hanging off the rafters of her front porch. Amazing creatures. Love your work. Hugs from here.

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  2. Rich and vibrant colors on this hummingbird, beautiful!! I also love seeing them in my garden, although I try, I don’t have too many of them, I see maybe one a summer at my cottage on Cape Cod. I’ll try some of your suggestions and see if I have more luck.

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  3. This is beautiful. Just this week I noticed a hummingbird is making a nest in my grapefruit tree. I’m really looking forward to seeing if it lays eggs and they hatch✨

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      1. Yes Lisa, I think it’s about time I made my heart happy instead of caring for others too much.
        Will share, thanks for words of encouragement πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ¨β€οΈ

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  4. Such a beautiful hummingbird! The colours are amazing!! If we had them here in Europe I’d do anything to draw them in! 😁 Looking forward to hear more about how your garden plans and other attractions will work out in the summer! πŸ˜„πŸ’•


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