What We Love

Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s a day to celebrate what you love. What absolutely sets your soul on fire. Today is about recognizing that passion and celebrating it.

One thing you should know is the Fashioned By Nature Team, Dominique from 3CStyle, Darren from the ArtyPlantsman, and myself, love and have a deep respect for nature. Valentine’s Day is the perfect opportunity to celebrate with you and share a sneak peek of our nature-inspired designs that will be featured in our monthly edition of, When Fashion and Nature Collide.

Tree Love

We are tree people. Trees clean our air, provide oxygen, keep us cool with their shade, prevent pollution, provide a habitat for wildlife, provide music on a windy day, and beauty.

So how do we show our love…in our heart.
Introducing the Tree Love Collection

Our Tree Love Collection is an integral part of the Fashioned by Nature Valentine’s Day Collection, exclusive to our Threadless shop. Bookmark the page and come ASAP for the best deals!

What better way to celebrate the season of love than to give thanks to the things that literally breathe life into us every single day? We hope our designs will serve as a reminder to love a tree before and after Valentine’s Day as well. Mother Earth gives us everything we need every second of the day, and we owe it to ourselves to appreciate and share these gifts. Just a few elements in our collection.

By the way, mark your calendars. Our February Issue of When Fashion and Nature Collide is on February 20th.

Credit Photos: Creative concept by 3C Style; Photography by Annie Gaudreau @ladyhochelaga; Art by Lismore Paper Collage 3CStyle and Lismore Paper.

I hope you have a wonderfully inspiring and love filled day!

Much love and big hugs!



44 thoughts on “What We Love

  1. Happy Valentines Day. Can’t wait to see your new issue. I am such a big tree lover that whenever anyone chops an old tree down in our neighborhood from the 50’s our whole house gets upset. New owners always want to chop down history because the trees drop leaves and it is extra yard work for them. So sad, it really hurts my heart when I see this happen. We plant new seeds and pass them on to others once we get them growing and remind people just how important trees are for this planet of ours.

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    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I love to see the towering trees that have been growing for years. That is absolutely wonderful that you pass on the trees. They are so very important for the health of our planet and our soul. Thank you so much for your wonderful comment! 💗💗

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  2. We can learn so much about life from nature, “When you look at a tree and perceive its stillness, you become still yourself.”― Eckhart Tolle. Also, love the colors of the aqua gloves with the taupe tree…I think it’s going to be a good post, looking forward to it❤️

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    1. I am so excited that you will be wearing our designs!! Thank you so much for supporting our dream! This makes me so incredibly happy that you love our shop 💗 I love you and massive hugs and of course we are never short of big dog kisses, too!

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      1. They came today!!! I will try them on tomorrow and see how they fit. I got a huge size so they can shrink all they want. Haha! I can’t wait to get my POWERFUL pouch. I had a little pouch for computer stuff…you know, charging cables and the little adapters you use to plug them in. What a perfect pouch for power supplies! Had to have it! 🙂

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