Botanical Sampler

I have been testing some layered backgrounds for new botanical prints. There is an endless amount of script ephemera out there in the public domain that I personally can never pass up. Sometimes the perfect script requires some work, removing the background on these documents can take minutes to hours, but the end result is remarkable. Using a blank (PNG) background, you can layer paper all day long and make something completely your own. πŸ™‚

For myself, I seem to always head to the water stained pieces for character, loving this look personally for my home. Such a great backer in a bookshelf or in a small frame. This particular piece is an 11 x 14, but it’s been resized to 4 x 6 inches as a sampler. It’s not perfect as I am still deciding on the background. I love sampler sizes especially for journaling, greeting card, papercrafts, or a small piece of botanical art.

I have attached the PDF for easy printing. This sampler is for personal use only.

What are your favorite botanical pieces?

I hope you have a beautiful Sunday!

Much love & hugs!


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59 thoughts on “Botanical Sampler

    1. Such a beautiful flower and one of my favorites. I bet it looks gorgeous in your garden. I am particularly fond of cosmos and this reminds me of them. I love the bloom on these. Thank you my friend, this is one of my favorite things to create. Much love and big hugs! πŸ’—

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  1. It was YOU who introduced me to background paper, especially the water stain look. There’s a mix here of rustic antiquities & intense delicacies. What a match. Once again, you reveal new depths, a new lens, I had never considered. Lovely. Hugs,

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  2. Love everything about this artwork! The Peonies are so gorgeous and they pop up so beautifully against the water stain paper and the green leaves. I really like this color combo. You are so talented Lisa!

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