When Fashion and Nature Collide – Living Coral

Modeled and Styled by Dominique of 3C Style. Collage Art and type by Lisa @ Lismore Paper.

Living Coral also know as Pantone 16-1546 is a warm orange peach with a hint of pink and rich gold undertones. The color evokes creativity, energy, and optimism. It is also linked to the earth and sea. Did you know the marine life invertebrate get their gorgeous tone from the tiny algae living on it. Coral reefs provide shelter to the kaleidoscope under the sea. In your wardrobe, art, botanicals, or as an accent, this color can make you and your space pop. We all seek the inspiration of color found in nature. It can enrich our lives and strengthen our own personal energy.

Welcome to our Living Coral edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. On the third Wednesday of each month, we will post a new collaborative edition. You will see art, beautiful fashion and accessories styled by Dominique from 3C Style, botanicals, critters, and beautiful art by Darren from the Arty Plantsman, and botanicals, critters and art from me Lisa@Lismore Paper. Be sure to check out each blog for the full edition. Check out our shop for the original fashion and accessories from all of our editions.

A Pop of Coral – Coral, Zucchini Flower, and Protea Cynaroides, oh my!

Modeled, Styled and Pop of Coral Designed by Dominique of 3CStyle. Zucchini Flower Botanical Drawing and picture of Protea by Darren Sleep of the Arty Plantsman. Pop of Coral Art and Type Art, Coral and Protea Pop, Collage by Lisa@ Lismore Paper.

What better way to celebrate Living Coral than with a Pop of Coral! Inspired by ocean coral, zucchini flower, and Protea (honeypot or King Sugarbush) now how can you not love those common names? Dominique is putting her artistic touch on the flowers in the botanical garden. Her coral dress is the perfect pop of color in that space. The sea colored pillows compliments the coral color beautifully.

Land Sea Earth – To Love Nurture Protect

Design and Artwork by Lisa@Lismore Paper. Collage by Dominique @3CStyle and Lisa@Lismore Paper.

This original design was a poster I created for another local project, more lake oriented than sea. When looking at it and considering what I do for a living, it made sense to make the design more global. Bees are such an important part of life, I wanted the honeycomb pattern to be represented. Trees are truly the lungs of the earth, we need to love our land. It’s like clean air gardening. The Sea, where do we begin. 70% of the Earth’s surface is ocean, and without it the other 30% would barely be habitable. We need to nurture our sea, coral reefs, and we need to protect our beautiful Earth. Conserving what we have is important. I am so excited to share this clean and earth friendly design. This is one I am proud to wear. Dominique is wearing this at the botanical garden.

Ant Barcode – A Fashion Statement

Modeled, Styled, and Designed by Dominique from 3CStyle. Ant photo by Darren from the Arty Plantsman. Ant barcode Art, collage, and ants by Lisa@Lismore Paper.

Ants have a big impact on our environment. They are like our own secret gardeners. Did you know they turn up more soil than earthworms, aerate the soil, and recycle nutrients.  They make healthy soil for our plants and even aid in pollination. They also make a great fashion statement and can be worn with the living coral accessories!

Art by Lisa@lismorepaperco

Join us for Earth Day! A special collaborative post. We will be showing new work. Darren has a sneak peak!

Thank you for visiting and reading the Living Coral edition. Look for our next edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide on May 15th. We will be adding new items to our store! Perfect for the nature lover in all of us.

Much love & hugs,



51 thoughts on “When Fashion and Nature Collide – Living Coral

  1. Wonderful post Lisa. You put such thought into your writing and the information is so interesting.
    I also love reading about the designs that I was not directly involved in, and how you create your designs.

    The bug barcode is so cool! And the Land Sea Earth design is just incredibly professional as well as beautiful and appropriate.

    This is a really special edition!

    Love and a big hug! Xx

    Liked by 3 people

  2. Thank you, Darren! You and Do have inspired me beyond possibilities. It was a challenging and rewarding month. I love our team so much. It was a very special issue indeed. You are brilliant my friend. Love and big hugs! 💗

    Liked by 2 people

  3. What a beautiful shade of color. I have a shirt close to that shade. Snorkeling, they are remarkable as the sunlight wades through the water landing nicely on the coral. There’s nothing like it. The flowers Darren took are outstanding! What a mix! I particularly liked the butterfly with the touch of blue. Such a joy to read and see what you guys bring to the table. Hugs from me. – Alan

    Liked by 3 people

    1. I agree that shade of coral is gorgeous and how complimentary it is to wear. It is a sight to see, snorkeling near a coral reef on a sunny day. I think everyone should experience that at least once in their lifetime. Darren has this unbelievable catalog of flowers, it truly amazes me. We appreciate your love and support Alan. Thank you so much! Big hugs from Michigan!!


  4. Such an amazing post, Lisa. Lots of meaningful information. So nice to discover what you and Darren will come up with each month. Although we talked and exchanged a lot about our monthly theme I am always super excited to read you both. Great job sis. I enjoyed this one tremendously. Agree with you both. It is a very special edition. xoxo

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Sis!! This one was a special post. I am always excited to see your posts, too! Sometimes it amazes me how our words align and we dont tell each other what we are going to write. It is so exciting for me, it truly makes me grateful. Love you and Darren so much.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Brilliant creations once again .You managed to make me like coral😀
    My mom is mad about it , I never share her taste but as I said to Do unique now………I have to convert.
    Those draws are amazing and I loved to read the explanations behind😍

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  6. I love coral, back in the 90’s l was a manager for River Island, and we had a stock range of what were known as Mouflon Jackets, they had a colour selection unlike any other jacket on the market with a colour range of something like 35 colours, and one of the colours was this beautifully rich dark coral. The beauty of that particular range of jacket was that with some vibrant colours combined with the fact that they were single breasted jackets meant that you could colour coordinate with many other colours and for men, in the early 90’s unlike today, there was such a much fuller vibrancy and flexibility available that there simply isn’t today.

    Ps: Lisa, did you get my email l sent through your contact form?

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  7. Love the pale coral and green with the white dress in the first photo, it’s so soft looking!! That color does not flatter me, but I keep trying, because I love it!! Also love the green earth with coral heart…fresh and lovely ideas🍑 I’m excited to see what you all create for Earth Day💚

    Liked by 2 people

  8. I just love coral! It’s such a calm yet enegizing colour as well. 😊
    And your ant barcode is just brilliant!! As is the interconnecting honeycomb design which illustrates perfectly that it’s all one unity. 💕

    Liked by 2 people

  9. The ideas that you all come up with for the project are always so interesting. Living in Florida, coral is a very popular color…you see it in our homes and our clothes as well.

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