Protect Our Species – Earth Day 2019

Ant Barcode idea, photo model and style by Dominique 3CStyle, Earth and Love Nurture Protect Design and collage by Lisa@Lismore Paper.

Happy Earth Day!! It’s a day to celebrate all that nature has to offer. Stop to look at all the wonders around you no matter where the day takes you.

Why this day is so important. A reduction of plant and wildlife population is linked to loss of forest, habitat, pollution, pesticides, and climate change. Plant and wildlife are directly affected by humans, we have a substantial impact. We must do our part to protect our endangered and threatened species like bees, insects, and ocean life which includes our coral reefs.

This is a special edition for Earth Day of When Fashion and Nature Collide which goes hand in hand with Fashioned by Nature. If you have not seen these capsules before visit our latest edition Living Coral. Be sure to check out the full edition by visiting Dominique from 3C Style and Darren from the Arty Plantsman. Check out our shop for the original fashion and accessories from all of our editions. We believe in nature friendly designs, protecting the earth and all of our creatures.

Styled, Idea, and Modeled by Dominique of 3CStyle, Art and Collage by Lisa@Lismore Paper.

We know the plastics in the ocean is harming our habitat but what about the habitat around your home. You know the bugs and creepy crawlies that we really don’t choose to hang out with and sometimes use harmful chemicals to rid them from our space. Before you do that, think about this…

Buggy Border by Lisa@Lismore Paper

Insects make up about 80% of all earths species. For every human about 200 million insects exist. Over the past four decades, scientists have observed a 45% decline in the overall insect population. Insects have been part of our earth forever. Dragonflies have been on earth more than 300 million years and grasshoppers existed before the dinosaurs.

Insects pollinate most of our plants and flowers. Without them, we would not have a stable source of food. Insects themselves are a source of food for thousands of other species and humans without them our global ecosystems would collapse.They aerate our soil and aid in the process of recycling nutrients for use by other animals including humans. Many insect species play a role in keeping harmful insects from destroying our crops.

There are steps we can take on our own property. For those with an outdoor garden, creating a compost pile provides fertile habitats for insects. Growing plants that are native to your local ecosystem is a great step to support and attract the local insect population. Habitat starts at our home. Love the environment.

Here are some of my favorite Earth friendly designs.

XOXO Design by Darren of Arty Plantsman, Earth and Land, Sea, Earth Design, Collage by Lisa @ Lismore Paper, Product Collages by Dominique of 3C Style.

Make a difference on Earth Day and everyday. Plan or plant a pollinator garden, start a compost pile, plant a tree, or find an all natural alternative to control your eco system.

Love Earth Design by Lisa @ Lismore Paper.

Much love,


47 thoughts on “Protect Our Species – Earth Day 2019

  1. We’re trying to create a bee and insect friendly garden, planting flowers that bloom at different times of the year and not using any chemicals like weed killer or pesticides. We’re also trying to reduce plastic but that feels like an uphill struggle at times because it’s ubiquitous! πŸ˜” Happy Earth Day! 🌍 X

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    1. That is wonderful and will be so beautiful! The insects will have smiles. Reducing plastic is a struggle, seems like everything is plastic. Being mindful will fight the battle slowly and it is still a step in the right direction. Happy Earth Day!! πŸπŸŒ»πŸ’—

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  2. The barcode is terrific. It speaks to so much. Loving the burst of colors you used for the EARTH design. It truly stands out and says, “Hey, pay attention!”. So creative. I’ve always liked dragonflies. Hugs and love from my part of Earth. -Alan

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  3. Now, that is a great and inspiring post Lisa. Such an important message and you expressed it so perfectly too. Love the butterflies, insects and Earth design. Sooooo Gorgeous. Happy Earth Day sis!

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  4. It is hard to convince some people. I have a friend (an avid gardener) that was spraying parsley in his herb garden because it was loaded with caterpillars. When I told them they would become swallowtail butterflies, he said they could go somewhere else, he didn’t want the caterpillars eating his parsley. And this from a man that has one of the most beautiful tropical home gardens around.


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