Milkweed in the Garden and a vintage print

I had been pulling up the milkweeds for quite a few years because they were not in the ideal spot. Ideal spot or not, I let these beauties grow where they decided this year. The best part, the butterflies arrived and brought their family and friends. We have been quite fortunate to witness their love for this plant. I have shared a few pictures of my gardens below.

The above vintage image of the Butterfly Weed otherwise called Blood Flowered Milkweed, Indian Root (Asclepias curassavica) is from around 1815. I have cleaned up some of the blemishes but left the overall vintage look. Great for junk journals, art, crafts and decoupage.

A friendly little addition to this plants blooms
Milkweed from my garden
Another Milkweed near the front walk
A blooming Chicken
Blazing Star

I hope everyone has a fantastic week!

Much love,



44 thoughts on “Milkweed in the Garden and a vintage print

  1. Love your post. So happy that you are enjoying your garden. Love to see your pics of your plants. Hope to see them in person soon.

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  2. The Blazing Star is eye-catching to me. I’m not familiar with Milkweed, at least from memory. My dad, out in West Texas, grows something called, Pokeweed. He makes salads out of it. I will say I like the mix of your garden. It reminds me of us bloggers, all different, side-by-side. Beautiful vintage art. Love your eye, Lisa.

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    1. Thank you, Alan. Blazing Stars are fantastic with their wild hair and they come in different colors. I will have to check out the Pokeweed, it sounds interesting. It is much like the garden, we bloggers are like a variation of blooming flowers! I love this analogy.

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  3. One day, I hope to have the chance to chat with you in your garden while drinking tea and enjoying the butterflies and your beautiful flowers. This is a beautiful post sis. ❀️

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