Flower for Art and Crafts – Wild Tansy

I have a love/hate relationship with Tansy. As an extremely invasive plant, I pull about 95% of them. The other 5%, I let grow in clumps away from the gardens. I see why some states prohibit the planting of this golden-faced button. I believe they would grow through concrete.

A few interesting facts; Tansy was used as an embalming herb and used to preserve meat. It was also used to deter pests. In Greek, it means immortality. This made me laugh, you should see what I have done to try to get rid of this, it truly is immortal. Zeus was said to have made Ganymede immortal by giving the latter Tansy on Mount Olympus. Of course, its not recommended for us normal folks 😊

The rendering above was created by Elizabeth Blackwell. She is my favorite botanical illustrator besides my friend, Darren. I did straighten, and clean up some of the harsh lines leaving much of the patina of the aged print.

Below are a few of the tansy I have sprinkled around my property.

Click on the link below to download the tansy illustration. Great to use for art, junk journals, or craft projects.

Have a wonderful week!

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31 thoughts on “Flower for Art and Crafts – Wild Tansy

    1. That made me laugh! It does look like its running! I wish it would run right out of my yard πŸ˜‚ That wisteria can be crazy, too. I have a feeling we will be battling these for a while. πŸ’š


  1. “I believe they would grow through concrete.” I lost it when I read that. Lost it again when I read the Greek definition. Us mortals won’t outlive this plant. Silver lining must be you at least have some blooms to this invader. Happy gardening, dear lady. Hugs. -Alan

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    1. Once you have it in your yard, it wont leave. I cannot tell you how many times I attempted to evict it πŸ˜‚ The drawing was done in the late 1700s I believe. I just did some light restoration on it. Im thinking the illustrator was trying to tell us this plant has feet. 😊

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