When Fashion and Nature Collide – September

Owl Eye Butterfly photograph by Darren the Arty Plantsman. Word Art Collage by Lisa@LismorePaper

Wings equals flight. Perhaps it is a butterfly gliding through the air with grace or a bluebird hovering into a perfect landing to sing a beautiful song, but the term “wings”can mean so many different things. Wing definition: 1. the flat part of the body that a bird, insect, or bat uses for flying, or one of the flat, horizontal structures that stick out from the side of an aircraft and support it when it is flying: 2. If a bird takes wing, it flies away. This one is my favorite, Wing definition 3. to suddenly develop, freely and powerfully. Spreading your wings

Welcome to our September edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. On the third Wednesday of each month, we will post a new collaborative edition. You will see art, beautiful fashion and accessories modeled and styled by Dominique from 3C Style. Botanicals, critters, photography and beautiful art by Darren from the Arty Plantsman. Botanicals, critters and art from me Lisa@Lismore Paper. Be sure to check out each blog for the full edition and click on the links for free printables. Check out our shop for the original fashion and accessories from all of our editions.

Collage, Style, Model by Dominique of 3CStyle. Corydalis Elata photograph by Darren of ArtyPlantsman. Bluebird photograph, banner, graphics and feather art by Lisa@LismorePaper.

An enduring symbol of happiness, a bluebird brings joy and love with their sweet song, brilliant blues and rich pinky browns. Dominique captured the soul of this sweet little bird so beautifully. Darrens flower, Corydalis Elata mimics in its shape and vibrant color. Below, is a paper created with a photo captured in early spring as the bluebird and his mate was busy building a home for their expectant family. They were like little angels outside my window.

Bluebird Stained Paper created by Lisa@LismorePaper. Free for personal use.

Print this sweet little bluebird paper. It can be used to make cards, a nature journal, or craft project. Click on the link below

Model, style, collage by Dominique at 3CStyle. Owls Eye Butterfly photograph by Darren at Arty Plantsman. Word Art, pattern, banner, and wing art by Lisa@LismorePaper.

The butterfly has the most breathtaking pattern on its paper thin wing. Dominique captures the essence of the butterfly with these rich hues of browns and look at that amazing handbag. I find the pattern on a butterfly’s wing is quite interesting, it truly does mimic an owl. Could the butterfly pattern be the new leopard print. I am certainly all for it. Darren’s photo is quite beautiful. I especially love the shadow the wings cast. Nature is truly amazing it offers us so much inspiration.

Model, style, Lady Slipper photograph, and collage by Dominique of 3CStyle. Word Art by Lisa@LismorePaper.

The Lady Slipper Journal Collage is where inspiration took hold of me this month, I was able to spread my wings. Dominique inspired with this apple green fashion and beautiful lady slipper. The nice gentleman in the background made it feel as if this could have been photographed in the past, like a fun piece of ephemera. Perhaps his mustache even mimics the flower.

Journaling has hit home with me. With cooler months creeping in for many of us, a winter hobby is always something to grab hold of and to cherish.

Here are some samples of how you can create your own journal or craft project along with us, a piece of When Fashion and Nature Collide. Download and print from link below. You can use ink, stamps, ribbon, and background paper to make it all your own. Happy crafting!

Collage Page and postcard art created by Lisa@LismorePaper for personal use only. Photo model and styled by Dominique from 3CStyle.com
Collage, crafted, and photograph by Lisa@LismorePaper
Collage, crafted, and photograph by Lisa@LismorePaper
Collage, crafted, and photograph by Lisa@LismorePaper

I hope you enjoyed this edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide. Our next edition will be on Wednesday October the 16th. Until then you can check out some our past editions or visit our Fashioned By Nature shop.

Much love and hugs,


58 thoughts on “When Fashion and Nature Collide – September

  1. This is so beautiful, both in vision and in sentiment. I was blown away by your Lady slipper collage and the way you have photographed it. So incredibly creative! I also loved what you did with the owl butterfly and ‘wings’. So lovely to see your work again Lisa πŸ™‚ Love and hugs!

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    1. Thank you, Darren. You and Dominique are a constant source of inspiration. Your owl butterfly was captured perfectly by you and Dominique looks gorgeous in the photographs. Your work is stunning and its amazing to work alongside you both! Love and big hugs!!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Stunning. There’s so much to see here, a feast for the eyes. Love the colors. You know how I feel about your artist eye, especially your collages. Terrific pic of the birds. Love the birdcage of the past. It reminded me of the poem, “I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings” (I think that’s the title). The wings and your thoughtful placement of the three definitions brought to mind the picturesque passage in Psalms 17. “Keep me as the apple of Your eye. Hide me in the shadow of Your wings.”. Love and hugs from me. -Alan

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, Alan! That passage fills my heart. I will be placing that in one of my journal pages πŸ’— The colors are wonderful, Dominique styles like no other. Working with both Darren and Do is a blessing. Love and big hugs to you my friend!

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  3. Thank you! I love and appreciate that you visit each of our blogs for the collaboration. Those lady slippers that Dominique and Darren photographed are spectacular. That little bluebird put up with me stalking him for days πŸ˜‚ Hugs to you!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. So pretty! And I love the way you integrate nature and fashion, especially the emphasis on bluebirds! I’ve never been one to follow fashion, but when I see these photos on your blog, I understand the appeal….I guess I’ve just never seen clothes that were designed with nature in mind before. Thanks, Lisa!

    Liked by 2 people

  5. Wow, Lisa, this is simply gorgeous. I love it. Even though I knew what to expect, I am thoroughly impressed by your journaling pieces. You are seriously gifted at this. How much fun you must have had… I like all your artworks, especially your lovely blue feather and your blue bird photo omg so inspiring! You rock sis.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you, sis! It has been nice to share some of my journaling and to get to feature our WFNC is especially fun. You made me smile. You and Darren are endless inspiration. I am so happy we were able to use the bluebird. Your styling is absolutely amazing. Each month I am blown away by your ideas. You rock! Love you!!

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Your bluebird photo was so inspiring, Lisa. It made my part really easy. The hardest was to find items in my own wardrobe. If you ever decide to give online courses about journaling, I would register right away. Much love sis! xoxo

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    1. Thank you, Tracy! I just recently started sharing my journals so I appreciate that πŸ’— It is like scrapbooking, its also called journal or junk journaling. Oh yes pretty paper is fun and once you start collecting hold on 😊 Thanks again!

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  6. Everything is so gorgeous about this post Lisa, the bluebird, the stunning butterfly, the fashions and elegant art, collage and photography. You three make an amazing team and yes, I love the idea that having wings means we can fly. So empowering!

    Liked by 2 people

  7. I LOVE it all😍 Can’t wait to use in my own journals. I now have a folder dedicated to your graphic work albeit your collabs or the pieces you produce from your garden inspirations. Congrats to all of you for a job well done and a huge thank you for giving away the end result.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Stunning collages and journals!! And you’re so right about that man in the straw heat making the picture feels like from older days! πŸ˜„ Love that wings have so many meanings, here’s another but in German where ‘Fluegel’ (wings) also means Grand Piano. πŸ˜„

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