Literary Art – Free Collage Sheet

October is a feeling. A shift in season. It has a certain pull to it. From hot, carefree days to the harvest season which holds a strong sense of preparation. In the north, we know that the cozy season is upon us and the long months of winter isn’t far behind. To me, it means extra time indoors reading and crafting. Creativity taking hold.

There is something special about October. The transition is short and spectacular with the colors and scents. When I ran across this particular literary quote, it really summarized my feelings. Simple branch art, beautifully crafted script, vintage paper and watercolor.

Feel free to use this for personal use as art, journaling, a special craft or wherever your creativity takes you.

Have a wonderful week!

Much love,



37 thoughts on “Literary Art – Free Collage Sheet

  1. It is nice that it stays with you even after you move. To have that feeling and know you won’t be buried in snow soon has to be fantastic 😊 Thank you, Becky! I really enjoyed seeing your Michigan garden, too πŸ’—πŸ˜Š


  2. Lovely collage! And I agree, there is something so special about October…it sort of rejuvenates me, and does make me what to be more creative as well. The weather is still far too hot where I live, but according to the forecasts, we’ll have Autumn weather by Thursday!

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  3. October has always been my favorite month, and for the same reason you always highlight. The aroma, the colors, the shades, the change in the breeze. I will look forward to your artful touch reflecting October. Such terrific work from your heart. Hugs from Texas. – Alan

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