Ferns and Ice

This past weekend we were supposed to receive freezing rain and over a foot of snow. Where I live, a foot of snow is an inconvenience but not enough to stop travel. The ice on the other hand screams trouble and no power. So what I expected to be a rough edge kind of weekend ended up with us keeping power, a bit of ice and a few inches of snow. So thankful!

Icy Woodlands
An icy view

I had hoped to go outside but with the ice I thought it would be better to stay in. To enjoy some green, I tended my house plants which includes a rabbit’s foot fern. It’s a lovely little addition to my indoor garden, thank you mom! She planted it in a metal kitchen colander. This is a great plant for the nature lover.

Little fuzzy feet
The Green

Rough edge scrap paper is one of my favorite types of paper. I love the history. The patina from age and exposure always sets nice stains and color on the paper that cannot be replicated quite the same. This paper is always great for mounts, direct use for art and journaling.

Inspired by the fern. I wanted to share a piece of the Woodland Nature Walk Pack from my Etsy Shop. I enjoy sharing these but I have also added a special discount of 40% for WordPress Bloggers. Use code: WORDPRESS40

This is great for framed art, nature journals, junk journals and craft products.

Click on the link for the free Vintage Fern Card PDF download

Created by Lisa@lismorepaperco

Have a creative week!

Much love,



32 thoughts on “Ferns and Ice

  1. I have always enjoyed the rough edge paper. I placed one of my poems on rough edge paper and framed it for my mom years ago. Very antique in view. Love ferns. The rabbit foot fern is new to me. Well titled, too. Although it’s full-blown winter there, thank you for the warmth of your talents. God’s grip and my hugs – Alan

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  2. I bet it was a beautiful piece that your mom cherished. That paper does hold a special quality but even more so with your work on it. Thank you my friend. Winter has been kind to us this year, not quite as harsh…I hope Mother Nature isnt reading lol. Big hugs and God bless πŸ’—

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  3. Love this post Lisa! Ferns of any type are always my favorites. Maybe it’s because they are cool and calm, or maybe it’s because they’re ancient- Anyway, I’m drawn to ferns! Your rough edge fern print! Here’s hoping for a safe and happy winter! Xxx

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      1. I do too and it’s the stuff of fairytales. They do grow good in the humidity and moisture. It rains a lot and everything is very green in Germany. They seem to like that.


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