Butterfly Invoice Paper

Last week we were supposed to receive a foot of snow but didn’t. I must have laughed a little too loud, Mother Nature overheard. Last night we received around ten inches. This isn’t a ton, but when it’s wet and heavy, it literally feels like a ton on a snow shovel. It helped with getting my daily workout in. After this, I was feeling the need for a little bit of spring. What better way than to think spring than with a beautiful butterfly. I changed out a winter paper for this one and I thought I would share it just in case you need a bit of butterfly in your home or craft project.

Made by Lismore Paper

Can be resized. Great for art print, decoupage, journaling and craft projects. For personal use only.

Here is a few shots of winter and my favorite place to spend time when its not so cold.

Have a wonderful and creative week!

Much Love,



43 thoughts on “Butterfly Invoice Paper

  1. I should probably not say this, but I am longing for some snow! So beautiful, of course, not so much when you have to shovel it! πŸ™‚ Love the paper, and it looks so nice on your table!

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  2. It is so beautiful where you live. You have me thinking of butterflies now. I want to make a butterfly pillow that I saw in a shop awhile back. I would hang out in that little cottage too, having fun just being creative that is. Have a great week and stay warm over there, looks cold.

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