Halloween Art – Die Willy 1836

Quite a title, "Die Willy" is a piece from 1836. I really love so many things about this. The back ground characters are my favorite. Vintage Halloween art is fun. In a scene worthy of modern-day Halloween, a young woman with long hair, wearing a knee-length dress strains to hear a sound or voice. In … Continue reading Halloween Art – Die Willy 1836

Free Halloween Printables

  Grinning carved, candlelit pumpkins flicker in the night. Werewolves howl as trick-or-treaters scream in delight. Witches brew their finest dragon breath brood.. Zombies in an ugly mood Darkness and dread fills a Banshees cries. Green monsters with thirteen eyes. Ghost and goblins dance under the moonlight. Cloaked in darkness hungry vampires bite. Ghouls wander in cemeteries, … Continue reading Free Halloween Printables