Love Potion Free Vintage Images

There is nothing like browsing, scrapping and journaling through a cold winter day. Incredible textures, colors and layers of history make these vintage finds so fun to work with. Repairing these gems is rewarding but leaving their wear does them justice. I wanted to share these with you, they are some of my favorite finds. … Continue reading Love Potion Free Vintage Images

Bee Hive

Made by Lismore Paper Finding an empty paper wasp hive is something I welcome in the winter. The hives that I generally discover have already been exposed either by an animal or weather. The craftsmanship is rather stunning how they can create such a masterpiece out of weathered wood, sourced from old fences or porches. … Continue reading Bee Hive

When Fashion and Nature Collide – September

Owl Eye Butterfly photograph by Darren the Arty Plantsman. Word Art Collage by Lisa@LismorePaper Wings equals flight. Perhaps it is a butterfly gliding through the air with grace or a bluebird hovering into a perfect landing to sing a beautiful song, but the term "wings"can mean so many different things. Wing definition: 1. the flat … Continue reading When Fashion and Nature Collide – September