Butterfly Invoice Paper

Last week we were supposed to receive a foot of snow but didn't. I must have laughed a little too loud, Mother Nature overheard. Last night we received around ten inches. This isn't a ton, but when it's wet and heavy, it literally feels like a ton on a snow shovel. It helped with getting … Continue reading Butterfly Invoice Paper

When Fashion and Nature Collide- Autumn

Styled, modeled, and collage by Dominique from 3CStyle. Oak Tree Fall Photography by Lisa@LismorePaper. Embracing Autumn. Glorious tones of gold, crimson, and endless shades of browns orchestrate a superb finale. Our hands are warmed by rich and delectable cups of coffee that burst with a flavor-filled aroma. The sweet chipmunks and squirrels are busy collecting … Continue reading When Fashion and Nature Collide- Autumn