Sweat Equity

Just like writing, gardening takes the same amount of planning. There are always the details like who flourishes in the sun or shade, or who plays well with others, and who ends up with the biggest blooms. It’s the planning, weeding, and re-writing of scenes. Really writing and gardening can be explained the same way. Its the time invested that makes the finally product show stopping, it’s the sweat equity. Investing time and nurturing until you can actually sit back with a glass of whatever it is that makes you happy, and enjoy what your hard work brought.

Today I found a return on my investment. A new beauty in my garden, and one hidden away in a writing file, but more on that a bit later. I have some more sweating to do before I fill up that glass.

FG Flower

This little guy found himself a new home earlier today.

Bluebird 3

Bluebird 4.JPG

With much love,






One thought on “Sweat Equity

  1. Hi Lisa. I just thought I would go back to one of your earlier posts today. I could have been blindfolded as someone read this one to me and I would’ve guessed it was you at the keyboard. “Investing time and nurturing…” You still do it so well. Lovely as always. Happiest of springs. Hugs.


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