When Fashion and Nature Collide – March

Photo Mar 17, 10 41 35 AM

Fashion and Nature flow together seamlessly. I love the texture and vivid colors paired with a vintage flair that spans across decades. Timeless pieces regardless of the trend. Nature is an inspiration for my art as it is paired with elements of texture, ephemera, and pieces like lace and etchings.Β I also love to walk outside and take in the world around me. The palette that surrounds us in life is full of magic. Mother Nature truly allows for endless possibilities. If you take a look in your closet, you will find the same. Textile artists have captured the same feel and have used those same color palettes for centuries. I can only imagine that they were also inspired by their surroundings so many years ago. Take a look at how they pair…

Photo Mar 17, 10 27 11 AM

Photo Mar 17, 10 36 21 AM

In my art, I use the layers to achieve the collision between these worlds. It amazes me that a flower or a critter grows to be breathtakingly beautiful with lively colors that would not be paired together normally. It isn’t until we see them in bloom or running in the wild that we pair these colors together. We use them in so many ways without thinking about the a original inspiration.

March Art Sample

On the third Wednesday of each month, you will see the collision of fashion and nature. My portion of this wonderful collaboration is an art piece that brings all the elements together. I will also include an item or two collaborated from the pieces of the members of our team. I will also share posts here on my blog from Darren, Dominique, and Roda. Please visit these fantastic sites, they are so incredibly talented.

Right click or highlight to save the 1″ circles to your drive. For personal use only. This is sized to print on 8.5 x 11 paper.

March planner and craft circles

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