Pink Clover & Bee Invoice Paper

Copyright Lismore Paper

Friday evening, I rounded up a few of my favorite flower images, an antique invoice, and bee to create this paper. I like to change out my dรฉcor often, this is a very cost effective way to make subtle changes for pennies using your own home printer. This image can also be used in a craft project.

Click on the link below to print this 8 x 10 image. Feel free to use this for personal use.

I hope everyone has a beautiful Sunday!

Much love,



45 thoughts on “Pink Clover & Bee Invoice Paper

  1. Very summertime. I can almost hear the bee fly by. I don’t believe I have seen antique paper, like old invoices or shipping logs, used as background before I met you. It reminds me a tad of my grandmother. Whenever she received a wedding invitation, she would use watercolor to paint a country landscape, with an old church on a hill, all over the raised letters on the front of the invitation. Through the scene painted, the letters were clearly visible in an almost 3D view. She would frame it and send it as a wedding gift. She did the same with graduation invitations. Very unique. Love what you do, Lisa. Hugs. -Alan

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    1. Alan, this is such a wonderful gift your grandmother handcrafted. I bet they were absolutely beautiful and such a lovely keepsake. A genius idea, too! Special objects and old paper makes a fantastic base. Thank you so much my friend! Big hugs from MI!

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  2. Thank you ๐Ÿ’— Snap peas and a honeybee in the garden sounds like a wonderful way to spend time. Did they put the honeybee hive near you, its such a lovely addition to your garden.


  3. I also like to change the decor of my house every season with paintings, plants, vases … I already have some of your artworks that adorn my office and my kitchen, but I lack of walls to add more. I’m going to have to start rotating… I love what you create Lisa. So beautiful and peaceful!

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      1. Me too and I will do it as soon as I replace me printer cartridge ๐Ÿ˜‰. I would love to receive a letter like this, so I know it will make some elseโ€™s day as well. Thank you Lisa โค๏ธ

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  4. What a beautiful paper design… and one I can relate to. We have patches of pink and crimson clover planted in our yard that we allow as a cover crop for deer to nibble, but I’ve found that many species of mammal,hummingbirds, and especially bumble bees are drawn to it as well. I was surprised mostly that hummingbirds love it!

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