The Peony – Pink and Gold Rush Peony Graphics

A peony represents wealth and honor as well as romance and love. They are regarded as the omen of good fortune and happy marriage. They are the 12th wedding anniversary flower. A Peony plants can live to be 100 years and still produce flowers so they can be past down for generations. The Pink Peony – is instant love for me. Click on the image below to save to your device. These images make gorgeous spring cards.

One legend has it that the peony is named after Paeon, a physician to the gods, who received the flower on Mount Olympus from the mother of Apollo. And another tells the story of that same physician who was “saved” from the fate of dying as other mortals by being turned into the flower we know today as the peony. I thought the Gold Rush Peony would be suitable for this legend. Click on the image below to save to your device.

Darren, Dominique and myself have our Threadless Shop, All Fashioned By Nature. We love Peonies and are celebrating them. Check out our Inspirational Peony. Below are a few products from our line.

Think Spring!

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19 thoughts on “The Peony – Pink and Gold Rush Peony Graphics

  1. Really enjoyed this post about the meaning behind the peony, Lisa. It really does sound like an omen of good fortune. Didn’t know a peony plant could live up to 100 years – that is amazing. I heard peonies come in different colours, from the lovely pinks you have shown here to more deeper pink shades and orange hues 🙂

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