Two Fern Botanical Prints DIY


I have been away a bit longer than anticipated with work, and graphic design for websites. It is finally summer and it has been delightful to be out in the garden again. So many projects as many of you can relate. How is there enough time in the day?

I have also been redecorating. The price of prints is astronomical. I put together this DIY, you know how much I love anything to do with paper. I choose a high quality matte paper from the local print shop and pick up frames from Amazon or the local outlet store.

Print two copies of the 8×8 (you can resize) green background paper

Print a copy of each Fern Print (cut around the paper) and mount on the Background Paper using two-sided tape or glue stick.

You can also add journal stamps in the corners or ink stamp for another layer. These are also great as cards and journaling items.

Hope you enjoy!!

Much love,



28 thoughts on “Two Fern Botanical Prints DIY

    1. Hello! Thank you πŸ’— It is difficult especially in the summer. Hope you are doing well. I wish there was more When Fashion and Nature Collide but we have switched to creating products over at Fashioned By Nature on Threadless. 🌿❀


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