How Sweet It Is

On October 19th, love will be in the air. Sweetest Day is celebrated here in the States. It is said that sweetest day was born in 1921 at the initiative of a candy fabric employee named Herbert Birch Kingston who came up with the idea of helping the neglected and forgotten citizens of his native city Cleveland. It consisted of twelve candy makers inspired to make the lives of those in orphanages, nursing homes and on the streets a tad sweeter. The Committee organized a mass sharing of the boxes of candies out among the people who desperately needed support and care. The action received huge media attention and got onto the pages of the major newspaper in Ohio, announcing it to be the henceforth annual festivity of love for the near ones and candies. Info from When is holiday.

This time period is one of my favorite eras. I thought this poem and Sweetheart art would make a nice piece for a junk journal or craft project.

For this sweetest day, my WFNC partners, Dominique from 3C Style and Darren from Arty Plantsman have the Sweetheart Collection in our shop. What better way to express your love for your sweetheart.

Product Collage, model, and styled by Dominique of 3C Style. Collage and Product Art by Lisa@Lismore Paper. Product Art by Darren of the ArtyPlantsman.

Have a beautiful week!

Much love,



34 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is

  1. What a nice “holiday” and I love the meaning behind it! I’ll have to get a box of chocolates for someone special on that day…I’m glad you educated so many of us on this sweet day! πŸ™‚

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