We Can Never Have Enough Nature

I cannot think of a better quote to sum up my weekend. I could not be happier than to finally have my camera at hand when the bald eagle visited the lake on Saturday evening. I took these from my kitchen window.

Although these are not the best pictures, my lens was not quite large enough to reach across the lake. For me, it was the experience of actually capturing this majestic bird on our lake that thrilled me. We see the eagles quite frequently, but usually they are flying over, or hunting from the treetops. I was able to take a video and 77 pictures before he carried off the remains further across the lake. I have always been in awe of their beauty, size, and strength. Seeing them in their natural habitat is always a treat.

Above is one of my favorite quotes and one I truly believe. This pdf can be used for personal use. It is a 4 x 6 print. Perfect as art or for a craft project.

On Wednesday, February 20th the next edition of When Fashion and Nature Collide will be published and we have launched our shop, Fashioned By Nature. Click on the link to check it out. πŸ™‚

I hope you had a beautiful weekend and had a chance to get out and enjoy nature no matter where you live.

Much love,



47 thoughts on “We Can Never Have Enough Nature

  1. Beautiful! It is always so thrilling when you finally manage to get the shot. Amazing to have the birds so close to your home.

    That quote is gorgeous! You’re so right. Spring is just about starting to happen where I live and that time of changing seasons always makes me appreciate the world that much more.

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      1. I’m very happy for you Lisa. You deserve it. You are such a creative person that even if you lived in the city you would find things that draw in the inspiration but nature brings the best out of you that’s for sure!

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